Dedicated to animal wellness. Our network of veterinarians, nutritionists and animal health professionals deliver critical insight to health products.

William Reilly, Principle, has over twenty years experience in human and pet product manufacturing, sales & distribution. Bill is a former National Sales Manager for Bio Biscuit Inc., Saint Hyacinth, QC, Canada and National Sales Manager for Pet Naturals of Vermont and FoodScience of Vermont, Essex Junction, VT.  He is a graduate of Sacred Heart University, Fairfield, CT.

Chelsea Tomat, Head of Research & Development.  Chelsea brings nearly a decade of experience in new product development.  She received her BS in Animal Science and Biology from the University of Vermont, where she competed on the intercollegiate equestrian team and participated in the Horse Barn Management Program.   A life-long animal lover Chelsea's career began as a veterinary technician and animal groomer


Rebecca Maciel has a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science from the University of Vermont. She has four years of experience with Regulatory Affairs and Quality Control for animal products, specifically NASC and AAFCO formulations. In addition she is HAACP certified for animal feeds

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Our Network of Industry Experts

Our experienced, knowledgable team of animal health professionals; Veterinarians and animal nutritionists, assist in the development of efficacious, highly palatable, therapeutically balanced canine, feline & equine nutraceuticals supporting a variety of condition specific and general health needs.

Dr. Gary Pusillo; spent 4 years at Delaware Valley College of Science and Agriculture and 6 years at Iowa State University studying every aspect of animal husbandry, advanced nutrition, and veterinary science in order to create a sound scientific basis for his professional career.
Dr. Gary has been a board certified Professional Animal Scientist since 1986 with extensive experience with all livestock species, domestic cats & dogs and most larger wild mammals kept in zoological collections. Almost every zoo in the USA has products invented by Dr. Gary. His products have also been sold to facilities in over 63 countries.
Dr. Gary has been an associate member of the American Academy of Forensic Scientists (AAFS) since 2012. February 2014, Dr. Gary completed all the requirements of full membership.
Dr Gary received the AAFS General Section Achievement Award in 2012; the first animal professional to ever receive the award since 1948; 64 years of professional activities before Dr. Gary accepted the honor.
For twenty eight years Dr. Gary has served as an expert witness in Federal and State courts; in the field of animal husbandry, nutrition, and veterinary science. Dr. Gary has over 100 professional forensic investigations to his credit, in addition to hundreds of cases that never made it into the judicial system.
Dr. Gary and his family have been raising organic products since 1980 and they are currently the largest producer of organic hops in the Midwest.

Mike Halpin and his Border Collies, Sadie & Molly, have spent over 11 years and participated in approximately 200 searches as volunteer members of airscent K9 Search & Rescue teams. Mike, Sadie & Molly began their careers as a members of the airscent New England K9 Search & Rescue Team and now belong to Sarasota K9 Search & Rescue. 

Airscent K9 Search & Rescue teams search wilderness, wetlands and debris.  They are on call 24/7 for missing children; the elderly; Alzheimer’s/dementia patients; human remains, lost hikers, etc.  All team members are independent, highly trained volunteers that spring into action only at the request of law enforcement. Ever ready when called upon airscent K9 teams maintain their amazing efficiency by constant training and mock searches. To keep his companions in peak condition Mike includes PHS nutraceuticals and training treats as part of Molly & Sadie’s health protocol that includes quality foods, exercise and vet care.

Mike says he’s been very blessed and lucky to have been teamed with Sadie & Molly who have been very successful throughout the years. The most rewarding moments are when any team member makes a find, especially when it means saving a life.

When not on a rescue or helping manage the family business Mike gives talks to school systems and civic organizations on hiking safety. Sadie & Molly are the star attractions at these events when they get a chance to perform mock rescues. K9 Rescue dogs are astonishingly talented and well trained.

Debbie Viney is a graduate of Animal Behavior College and a pet industry professional. Career highlights include purchasing manager for a major pet e-commerce site and Regional Management positions for popular dietary supplement and petfood companies. Debbie is director of MidAtlantic Bulldog Rescue.  She and her team at MidAtlantic have placed 500 dogs since 2007. She is associated with MidAtlantic Great Dane Rescue League and is the Volunteer & Special events Manager at Liberty Humane Society.